Bertrand Schmoll restructures ECS Group


CEO Bertrand Schmoll has also restructured part of ECS Group’s Head Office organisation to reflect its strong growth. Adrien Thominet, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, is promoted to Chief Operating Officer, leading the Group’s sales and marketing strategy, now focused on four key areas; commercial development, marketing and communication, regional management, and sub agents and business analysis. Schmoll has also given new and additional areas of responsibility to other key members of the management group. Mark Pulling and Jonas Drewsen take charge of commercial development for the entire group and new regional managers have also been assigned. Jesus Escolar becomes regional manager for South America, while Uli Baerch, Wolf Taborsky and online casino Gil Coimbra take over as regional managers for North America, the Eastern European Continent and the Far East respectively. Mark Pulling also assumes the role of regional manager for the Middle East online casino and India Subcontinent. Completing the changes are Audrey Serdjebi, who has joined ECS Group as marketing and communication manager and Pierre Rochoux, who will supervise the group’s sub agents and business analysis. “Within the six companies that make up ECS Group – Aero Cargo, Globe Air Cargo, Efis Air, Gen Air, Nordic GSA and Universal GSA – I believe we have the most talented management in the GSSA industry. This is why we continue to achieve such a strong rate of growth. We have a team of professionals our customers trust. Our development means that we had to strengthen and restructure to not only manage our current growth but to continue to take advantage of the many opportunities being presented to us by airlines across the globe.”