ECS Group – first development support action in Niger


ECS Group undertook its first development support action in Niger.

As you all know, for many years ECS Group has developed its network in Africa and built strong relationships with the country’s local and economical stakeholders.
Since 2012, ECS Group invested in Niger Air Cargo, NAC. The airline Company, is located in Niamey’s Airport and managed by Izu SCHWARTZ.

Niger is the leading onion exporter in West Africa and its « Violet of Galmi » has conquered the main coastal cities.
It was therefore natural to create a partnership with the Galmi Agricultural Cooperative and sensitive financed the purchase of 30 motorpumps designed to facilitate crop irrigation.
Bertrand SCHMOLL, CEO & Chairman had come to hand personally those engines to the farmers in May 2013.

The video of this event is on youtube and you can watch it following this link ECS Group: Development Aid in Niger