ECS Group, the leading network general sales and service agency headquartered in Paris, has investing on coaching its own registered carrier based in Niger, West Africa, Niger Air Cargo.

The airline, launched in association with a private investor in Niger, will operate a weekly MD-11 or DC-10 freighter service from Liège to Niamey, the capital and largest city in Niger. Each flight will offer up to 85 tonnes of cargo capacity.

ECS Group is acting as the exclusive global GSSA for Niger Air Cargo, utilising the strength of its network of offices in 51 locations in 31 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia. Every station will sell the service and deliver cargo to Liège for consolidation.

Bertrand Schmoll, CEO of ECS Group, said: “This new project is a very important step for ECS casino online and our airline partners to Africa. Firstly, we are offering an innovative cargo solution into Niger to support its growing market. We will also offer unique logistics solutions in the region with our cargo aircraft which will be important with regard to intra-African business opportunities, especially with Nigeria and Mali, as well as the domestic market. The registration of Niger Air Cargo will allow ECS to seal special pro-rate agreements with other carriers interested in this reliable link into Africa and intra-Africa.”

ECS Group expects a wide range of cargoes to be generated for the route, including communications equipment, apparel, healthcare products, fresh food and other perishables and relief goods.

Niger Air Cargo will operate its own warehouse in Niamey with a dedicated team of personnel. Working with ECS Group, it aims to establish Niamey as a hub for distribution to major cities in West Africa. This will be supported by the location of a freighter aircraft in Niamey in the near future.