South America, where we currently are in Mexico and Brazil, is a region with many growth opportunities for ECS.

Traditionally,  airline companies from the United States and Europe used to have their own cargo staff due to the low labour costs in the region, but now this trend is changing .  The crisis in the air transport sector caused that many airlines started to consider to work with GSSA’s.    Airlines from Asia and Middle East  are initiating operations in the region, in both Pax and Cargo.
Our policy to make Joint Ventures with local companies  is being a success, and we will continue with this formula in the next countries to develop: Chile and Peru.

North America and The Caribbean present by far the greatest opportunity for growth in our whole network.

Starting in Canada where future expansion projects will far exceed our current office in Vancouver. Although we cover most of the USA with 7 offices across the territory it is within this area that we see major opportunities for expansion due to the current vision and developments of potential carriers.  Our Group is well positioned, not only in the USA,  but ready to expand synergies with our partners in Central and South America fortifying our Americas Territory. Our presence in the Caribbean through our office in DR gives us a strategic location to expand future projects into San Juan of Puerto Rico and the potential opening of Cuba. Our markets are extremely competitive but we present the best option for any airline thanks not only to our strategic geographical locations but our people, who make the difference.