founded in1996
joined ecs in2012
Our Customers
  • Air Canada
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Centurion Cargo
  • China Cargo Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Leisure Cargo
  • Meridiana
  • Qatar Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Thai Airways
  • Turkish Airlines

Via Fantoli 28/13
20138 MILANO
Tel: +39 02 506791
Fax +39 02 55400116

Managing Director
Sauro Martinelli
Tel : +39 02 50679301
Country Director
Giulio Giannotti
Tel : +39 06 65010116
Station Manager Malpensa
Silvio Marchesin
Tel : +39 02 58581387
Operations Manager
Stefano Mattioli
Tel : +39 06 65010715
A Brief Company History

Established in 1996 by Glauco Martinelli, Airline Logistics – Airlog- is ATC and ADP handling company.

Airlog was founded with the aim of providing airlines with operational and administrative support for import and export airfreight related to the handling of documents usually carried out by the airlines’ own staff.

AIR-LOG assists with fully trained staff a number of major airlines with essential constant supervision at Milan and Rome airports.

The Services We Offer


  • Supervising offloading of freight from aircraft
  • Collection of cargo documents, processing and delivery to airport handling agent
  • Closing of flight and preparation of flight files
  • Processing and filing of incoming mail documents
  • archiving of MAWB copies for up to 5 years
  • physical search of freight at the airport import warehouse
  • Daily inventory of ULDs in stock and sending advices
  • TRACING : dispatch of messages for tracing missing or mishandled goods and, if not found, opening of claim files
  • Notifying arrival of goods by telephone or fax, delivery of documents to consignee and collection of  taxes
  • Collection of airfreight charges, when applicable.



  • Supervising palletization at the airport handling agent’s warehouse
  • Flight pre-manifesting (the final load manifest is usually created by the airline handling agent
  • Supervising loading of freight onto aircraft
  • Preparation of document kits and delivery to the aircraft
  • Closing of flight and preparation of flight files
  • Input of all AWBs into the airline’s cargo computer system
  • Processing and filing of outgoing mail documents
  • Archiving of MAWBs for a minimum of 5 years
  • « Tracing » correspondence with carrier’s stations, handling agents and shippers
  • Claims correspondence with carrier’s stations, agents or shippers and transfer of complete files to station managers or head office for settlement
  • Handling of customs documents and distribution to shippers
  • Full ramp supervision and co-ordination of all parties involved at airport for cargo services
  • Crew assistance for hotac and transportation
  • Meteo folder and dispatcher
  • Weight & balance supervision