founded in1980
joined ecs in2012
Our Customers
  • Air Baltic
  • Air Canada
  • Air New Zealand
  • China Airlines
  • DHL Aviation
  • Leisure Cargo
  • Qatar Airways


Via Fantoli 28/13
20138 MILANO
Tel: +39 02 506791
Fax +39 02 55400116

Managing Director
Giulio Giannotti
Tel : +39 06 65010116
Rome Branch Manager
Cristiano Spina
Tel : +39 06 65010715
A Brief Company History

It is the leading Italian GSSA established in 1980 by Glauco Martinelli with a proven record of success and dynamic development.

Based in Milan, ATC opened its first branch office in Rome  in 1992 followed by Venice and Florence.

ATC has been awarded by ANAMA, the Association of the Italian Forwarding Agents, for ten years in a raw with the GSSA Quality Award reserved to the best organization in the Country.

ATC provides a full range of services for any airline wishing to outsource part or all of its cargo activities in the Italian market.

ATC has great knowledge of local market and competitors’ activity through daily and constant contact with agents in the territory and provides airlines represented with sensitive information and business opportunities.

Through its operational sister company Airline Logistics –Airlog,  ATC  provides  its Principals with a number of accessory services related to the handling of documents, both in import and export and other duties usually carried out by the airlines’ own staff.

ATC offices are located in Milan, Padova (Venice), Florence and Rome Fiumicino.