IT Tips & Tricks


Dear all,

You will find in this page some useful informations.

  1. Actually we recommend strongly to use Windows Seven Professional and Office 2013 (or 2010).
  2. Think to archive your old email, I think that in general you need 6 months of age, the rest you can archive, this will reduce your online box and make it faster.
  3. June 2014, all our emails boxes representing on the server more than 2.000.000 Mo (1.000.000 Mo by year).
  4. June 2014, informations in Cargospot database representing 30.000 books of 300 pages.
  5. The trash of your Outlook is not a directory to store emails, imagine that you do the same with your garbage at your home, that you keep because you are not sure to throw in the trash.