ECS offers a direct warehouse handling service to airlines and forwarders at a number of airports, and also handling supervision elsewhere.

ECS handling services and supervision are a great asset for airlines, who are able to benefit from a one-stop shop and the guarantee:

  • of optimised all-inclusive handling costs, safeguarding yield;
  • of a high-quality service, carried out according to each airlines’ requirements and in accordance with IATA rules;
  • of forwarder satisfaction, a sound basis for further sales;
  • of strict security based on the implementation of CCT and X-Ray systems;
  • of linked and mutual interest between sales actions and the operational treatment of airline traffic.

ECS’s expertise is based on:

  • dedicated teams of professionals in medium-sized companies, who coordinate handling operations for cargo and passenger flights around the clock,
  • state-of-the-art IT systems securing safe real-time communication of data and tracking of operations,
  • the know-how of long-established handling companies, such as Global Service Handling in France and Airlog in Italy.

ECS offers warehouse space, dedicated airline storage for export and import, IT controlled systems for documentation, cargo warehousing and tracking.