Sustainability drives our business strategy, and we are strongly acting to have a positive impact on the air cargo industry.

We are reconsidering how we operate, for the sake of our industry and ourselves. To do so, we have launched a dedicated program: Future Now.

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    As a leader in our industry, we have the responsibility and desire to do things right, and we are pioneers in ESG commitments. Future Now is an evolution of our processes and governance, a place of innovation and co-creation. It provides a clear roadmap, and concrete actions for the coming years.

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    We have produced detailed guidelines, constituting the global sustainability framework for our Group. It highlights our commitments with regard to Governance, HR, Ethics, Environment, Value Chain, and Social Relations.

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    Engaging our People

    We rely on a 60 sustainability ambassadors network, to ensure the implementation of our sustainability policy at a local level. We raise awareness, training all our employees on sustainability topics. We implemented an internal engagement platform to support volunteering in charity organizations.

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    ESG performance & CSRD compliance

    We monitor and challenge our non-financial performance. We are working on providing a compliant and transparent reporting using the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

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    Climate Action Plan

    We performed the measurement of our carbon footprint on our 3 scopes using the GHG protocol and we are now working on an emissions reduction plan aligned with Science. In the meanwhile, we have implemented day-to-day best practices and ecoefficiency policies regarding waste, water, plastic, paper, travels & cars, energy consumption for the office and at home.

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    Discover More

    Our actions for a more sustainable development are diverse. They are developed within our teams, but also through our partners and customers.

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